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beyond_the_rim's Journal

Beyond the Rim: A Babylon 5 Rewatch Community
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babylon 5
We're rewatching Babylon 5 starting Sunday, June 27, 2010. Feel free to join us at any time--chiming in on old posts is just as good as joining the discussion on new ones!

Everyone's welcome to join in our discussions, but please remember that we're watching the show for fun, and, for many of us, out of a deep love for the storyline and the characters. We all have our favorite characters and episodes, and the right to enjoy those episodes is sacred here. We welcome dissenting opinions, and only ask that presentation of those opinions be respectful to those who might disagree. Trolling and pot-stirring are not acceptable, nor is insulting other people's opinions or politics (perceived or otherwise).

In other words, we're all playing in the same sandbox, and throwing sand at fellow members is not allowed.

Most Helpful B5 Site Ever: The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

As of the end of Season 1 of our rewatch (September 12, 2010), there will be NO SPOILER-FREE POSTS in this community.

b5_revisited - A B5 rewatch community that's a bit further along than we are.